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Dumbo Update: Galapagos Progress + New Theater, Condos

[Photo courtesy of Dumbo NYC]

The performance venue-fication of Dumbo marches on with a couple of developments that are definitely worth noting:

1) Progress continues on the conversion of the 102-year-old, 10,000 square foot former horse stable on Main Street into the new home of Williamsburg's Galapagos. That would be more work going on, above. The new venue is supposed to be LEED certified and green and will be ready for Galapagos to hop from N. 6th Street in the Burg to Main Street sometime in Spring or Summer. [Dumbo NYC]
2) A building at 192 Water Street sold back in December to a group planning to convert it to a theater, recording studio and, of course, condos. The ground floor and lower level would include a 200-seat theater, the second floor would get a recording studio and gallery and the top floors would get condos. The developers want to add a floor, which would require Landmarks Commission approval because it's in the new historic district. The new owners want to host a Korean Film Fest in the theater. [Dumbo NYC]