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Burgeoning Bond Street Mogul Not Allowed to Demolish, Yet

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Ian Schrager may have first directed the spotlight to rugged Bond Street in Noho, but it's self-storage kingpin Adam Gordon who wants to rule the block. Gordon, in the process of converting the landmark Bouwerie Lane Theater on the corner of Bond and Bowery to a private mansion for his family (complete with two-story climbing wall!), is also trying to tear down 41-43 Bond Street (right) to make way for a new seven-unit condo building designed by his pet architect Steven Harris. The Sun's Bradley Hope reports that the project is as-of-right, but the Landmarks Preservation Commission is refusing to give clearance because the site is within the proposed extension of the Noho Historic District, which the LPC has yet to decide on. Gordon has been waiting since August to get the green light to demolish, but the LPC is not budging. The situation is made more weird by what's going on at the old screw factory at 30 Great Jones Street, which is also within the proposed extended historic district. Another storage kingpin, Jerry Gottesman, is well into demolition in hopes of avoiding the albatross of landmarking, and the LPC has remained silent. Maybe Gottesman gave them a good deal on a locker and threw in a roll of bubble wrap?
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[41-43 Bond Street photo via PropertyShark]