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Creative Construction at Reade and Broadway

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Consider, if you will, the construction site at 279-285 Broadway / 57 Reade, just north of Chambers Street and catty-corner to City Hall Park. The rendering above left is a bit of architectural creativity from SLCE Architects, who are responsible for the 20-ish story blue glass condo set to rise on the site. To the right is a little old Landmarked beauty at 287 Broadway / 55 Reade, and danged if she's not looking a wee bit tipsy. We broke some news on this one back in November when the occupants there were cleared out following some unfortunate unpderpinning problems at the SLCE site next door. In response to DOB's Stop Work Order Chicago-based developer John Buck and gang have now augered some test piles. And that's where the creativity comes in.

The wooden installation serves to stabilize the older structure to the north.

The criss-cross assemblage propping up 289's bricks and cast iron is a wonder of low-tech construction. The materials include lots of wood and nails, and not much else. It all seems to be a bit of magic and echoes the dream-like quasi-utilitarian works of sculptor Martin Puryear, currently on exhibit at MoMA in midtown. And, for a while anyway, this old building joins other leaning wonders of New York, be they real or simply imagined.

Side by side: The work of sculptor Puryear and that of an anonymous NYC construction crew.

The wooden bracing in all its glory.
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287 Broadway

287 Broadway, New York, NY