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CurbedWire: McTownhouses on the UES, High Rent in Tribeca

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UES?It's best in this case, to simply relate the story in full that a tipster emailed to us as it quite riveting: "Back in 2005, a mystery buyer paid $5.2M for the 5 story townhouse at 252 East 78th. It was broken up into 7 or 8 apartments, and vacant for some time. For the last 2+ years, the new owner has deconstructed it, leaving only the floors in place to hold up the structures on either side and built this new McTownhouse in it's place. They basically tore off the front and back, gutted it, removed enough dirt to allow for 11' ceilings in the cellar, and excavated the garden to allow for an addition on the back. Let's not forget the elevators, new handcrafted staircases and the extra floor and roof deck...Have tear downs arrived on the UES? I should note that the owner must not have liked the columns in front as they have been removed. Word is new ones are being created." Not the first McTownhouse to have been spotted recently. [CurbedWire Inbox]

TRIBECA?One neighborhood where Brooklyn rent won't be touching Manhattan anytime soon is Tribeca. The Real Estate Group's Manhattan Rental Market Report for January (click to view the PDF) notes the average rent of a non-doorman two-bedroom apartment in TriBeCa is $7,442. "Since December, TriBeCa non-doorman two-bedroom apartment prices have grown 7%, or $471," an email says. "All non-doorman rents in TriBeCa increased this month, with one-bedroom prices climbing by 5% and studios by 2%. The ridiculously high rental prices for non-doorman TriBeCa properties stand out in a month where average citywide rents decreased all-around." [CurbedWire Inbox]