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FiDi's 20 Exchange Place Nearly Ready for Renters

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With all this news of waves of hotels invading the Financial District, it's easy to forget that the revolution supposed to be gripping the FiDi is a residential one. No worries, because the District is back on message today. The picture above was just floated to the CurbedWire with this note: "I live down in fidi and noticed an ad for new apartments at 20 Exchange Place. I called the number on the banner and was told that the building was being converted into 350 or so luxury rental units. Do you have any additional info?" Indeed! Back in 2006, 20 Exchange Place was purchased by the developers behind another downtown rental conversion, the Crest at 63 Wall Street. The 57-story building has some rad ornamentation and was the fourth-tallest building in the world when it was completed in 1931. Leases will begin in the spring, and the building will have all the necessary valet, concierge and fitness services needed to woo those banker types into paying five-digit rents.
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