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Reader Rant: 'Revolt Brewing' at LIC's Arris Lofts

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Arris Lofts may be the friendliest building ever, but at least one resident in the new luxury Long Island City condo building is slightly fed up. This building is a radioactive topic whenever it pops up on the radar, so we're sure there will be some colorful feedback to these allegations. Is this another case of new-construction-buyer-beware? To the rant:

There is a revolt brewing in Long Island City's touchstone Arris Lofts. The maintenance holiday instituted by the developer when they forced residents to move into a partially completed building has ended and now the monthly common charges have started to come in. People are pretty pissed that after 6 months most punch list items still have not been corrected. My biggest issue is that I like many others have had inadequate hot water since day one. A new water pump was installed in the building, but has had no effect. My fear is that as more people move in those with hot water issues will find them worse and those who never had them will begin to get them.

There are wood floor issues. The glue underneath the boards has dried and separated, causing the board to pop up when walked on. Sound transmission is also a problem. There were acoustical engineers in the building to address the issue of poor sound proofing between apartments. I am disheartened by the condition of the hallways (carpeting, wallpaper, elevator finishes, etc.) the lobby finish work and the completion of common areas and my patience is wearing thin. I love the location and the residents, but this was billed as luxury and that is not what I got.

I was wondering if anyone knew the legal consequences of not paying common charges. This is well traveled territory for rentals, but can they force you to pay maintenance in a condo? Would you need to go to court, if in the wrong what penalties would need to be paid? Is it just the past due common charges plus interest?

You let some elephants traipse through the showers, and you're surprised at the results? We can't say we didn't see this coming.
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Arris Lofts

27-28 Thomson Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101