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Master-Disaster Architect Duel IV: Who Will Win?

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[Photos courtesy of Archinect]

The Fourth Annual Master Disaster Architects duel happened last night at the (sold out) Music Hall of Williamsburg, pitting FXFowle against Brooklyn-based Konyk. Archinect live blogged the whole hipster architecture face off and says that Konyk won on applause. (That's FXFowle's work on the left and Konyk's on the right.) There was a voting process as "Audience members were given cards upon arrival. After the teams presented, voters were to give their cards to the lumberjack if they wanted to vote for Team Konyk, or to the big brown bear if they wanted to vote for FXFowle." And there will be online voting over at lvhrd, but the polls don't open until tomorrow. Meantime, there's a vid here.
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