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Curbed National: SF's Sassy Span, Gehry For Sale, More!

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Let us now take a very visual look at architecture and design as lately revealed on our West Coast sites Curbed LA and Curbed SF. Enjoy.

1) The Self-Anchored Suspension Span, with its single cable anchor, will become not only the signature feature of the new Bay Bridge, but also the first of its kind in the world. Foundation work is nearly complete. Holy. [Curbed SF]

2) A one-bedroom apartment in a Frank Gehry-designed house in Venice is listed for $1.35 million. From the listing: "The upper level explodes vertically in space and light. Gehry’s placement within the great volume of a loft style bedroom and balcony, as well as alcoves and niches, create a unique space suitable for a multitude of configurations." [Curbed LA]

3) Yup, they're tagging shrubs now in Los Angeles. [Curbed LA]