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NYU Cuddles Greenwich Village Before the Beating

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NYU followed up on its promise last month to conduct a community-outreach thingy with critics of the school's planned expansion, and surprisingly, the effort didn't just result in name-calling and pie-throwing. Per the Times and a press release from borough president Scott Stringer's office, community leaders and NYU president John Sexton agreed on a set of principles for the school to follow to make the expansion as smooth as possible. The full details will be revealed at a press conference this morning at NYU's law school, but the gist is that NYU will look to vertically expand some of its facilities, figure out how to incorporate the community into new buildings and also try its hand at acquiring property outside of Greenwich Village. The agreement isn't binding, but critics?like the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation?are pumped that NYU is at least talking to them. Be wary, friends: NYU would spite God if it meant cramming in a few more freshmen.
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