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Construction Watch: The Edge Ready to Rise

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It's been a while since we've taken a look at the huge two-block site of The Edge in Williamsburg, which may have one of the nicest backdrops of any big hole in the city. The site runs from N. 5 to N. 7 Streets on Kent Avenue. We've noted previously that the sales office is due to open on Kent Avenue in March. The site itself--which required a massive amount of clearance of underground rubble from the former Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal which once occupied the site and a brownfield cleanup--has come along. The first part of the project to be completed will include 925 units (575 market rate and 350 affordable). The second part could include another 600 apartments. There will also be 60,000 square feet of retail, the Edge having been the subject of that early rumor that it would be the site of Apple store. Summer 2009 is supposed to be when it's complete.

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The Edge

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