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Domino Towers & Glass, but No Pedestrian Bridge to Manhattan

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The plans for the New Domino in Williamsburg were fleshed out a little bit today at a Landmarks Preservation Commission lunch by architect Rafael Viñoly. The headline: the developers said no to a pedestrian bridge to Manhattan. Now that we're past that, here's an account sent by a tipster who was in attendance:

He presented new (new to me) images of models of the entire redevelopment. Essentially it is similar to what we saw about 6 months ago. 4 large towers flank both sides of the old factory. However this scheme shows them as broken up so they read like 12 or so narrower towers. Smaller 6-10 story building complete the infill. He also added some 5 story glass structure on top of the factory, similar to what we saw a few weeks ago with the ferry terminal downtown. The waterfront would remain public but this area seems like a sliver at most, maybe a footpath. The crowd (landmark board members and donors) was silent as he showed these new images. He said he had wanted to build a pedestrian bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn but that idea was quickly nixed by the developers.Our tipster described the towers as being 50-60 stories, but that's most likely a miscalculation. (Right?) If anyone has images (the one above was released last year), we're ready for them at Maybe he should have tried for a gondola? · Burg's New Domino to Hit Landmarks Commission [Curbed]
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New Domino

Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY