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Curbed PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Almost Solid Gold

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Location: 35 West 9th Street
Asking: $5,400,000

This three-bedroom co-op just off the Gold Coast in Greenwich Village had the look of a pricey little number, and indeed, it is. Most guesses were in the high-3's to low-4's, until someone posted the link to the listing. One commenter wondered why a person would pay the $6,000/month maintenance when they could just buy a townhouse (answer: hot sexy doormen, duh), and another offered this scathing critique: "This is a nice apartment, although it looks like a combo of two one-bedrooms and suffers the problems of the type: bad transitions between "public" and "private" spaces and odd room sizes and proportions. Still, the finishes are good. But why not go for a pre-war original rather than a re-hash? Carpenter, Roth, and Candella did it best!"
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