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Meanwhile, on Beard Street: Swedish Family Seeks Members

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The lights are on inside our big blue-and-yellow friend in Red Hook. Beard Street has been relieved of all those paving stones and resurfaced, and a traffic light and pedestrian signal has appeared at what will be the entrance to the store. (This is significant in that there was a time when one could have taken a nap in the middle of that street and possibly only have been hit by one of the school buses that used Beard Street for driver training.) Ikea has been taking applications from Red Hook residents for a couple of weeks, but today it sent out a press release announcing that it's "seeking 500 to join Swedish family in Red Hook." Yes, that is what they wrote. As a headline in all capital letters. Job seekers can click here. Meanwhile, the opening, as previously noted by Racked, is still listed as "Summer 2008."

The future Ikea parking lot, old shipyard cranes included.

The new "promenade" taking shape on the waterfront.

A traffic light and actual pavement for formerly car-free Beard Street.

Behind the fence, this could be why they're still saying "Summer 2008" for the opening.
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