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Bleecker Street Residents Silence Our City's Tour Guides

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To most, Bleecker Street is an open-air shopping mall meant to cater to any and all cupcake or Marc Jacobs hankerings. But to the block's residents, Bleecker Street is a neighborhood. A neighborhood that needs it peace and quiet! Check out this shocking e-mail we recently received:

I am a licensed tour guide at Gray Lines, and today our good boss informed us that due to the complaints of local residents, our buses must remain silent on Bleecker Street between Sixth Avenue and LaGuardia Place. The order is effective immediately. Most of my colleagues took this as a fascist move. Our free speech right to produce entertaining lectures on local history is being muzzled. If the residents are so concerned about noise, why are they picking on Gray lines? What about the pubs, nightclubs, and a certain nearby university? They too should be concerned.

My colleagues are worried that other Manhattan neighborhoods may follow suit, turning our tour buses into a silent experience. I suppose the elite condo dwellers and rent-controlled grannies in Greenwich Village need their peace and quiet, so the poor tour guides have to suffer a reduction in their tips as a result. Absolute madness! While we're not sure why Gray Line tour guides are any more annoying than crowds of shrilly teenage girls acting out their favorite Sex And The City scenes, it appears that the surprisingly powerful Bleecker Street lobby has scored a victory.

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