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Development Du Jour: 116 3rd Place

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Location: 116 Third Place, Carroll Gardens
Size: five units
Prices: $1.2 million to $2.6 million
Sales & Marketing: Corcoran
Lowdown: There's something brewing in Carroll Gardens, and it can be summed up thusly: aggressive pricing. Brownstoner recently dipped into the phenomenon, and now, the five apartments in this boutique tumor building have hit the market at a blistering $1,200-per-square-foot average. It looks like all those downzoning threats are driving prices up! As a Curbed reader pricelessly put it: "With that kind of money, you'd think they would have at least thrown the buzz word 'luxury' in the building descriptions. But no. Poor Richard Meier, if he only had known, he would not be selling $1.25k/sqft condos at the Grand Army Plaza. Just by slapping some bricks together Richard may easily make over $3k/sqft in the fantasy Carroll Gardens." As for the units, they include private elevator entrances, private outdoor spaces, washer/dryers, central air, gas fireplaces (in all but one apartment) and the usual high-end finishes.