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Queens West May Soon Be Hitting the Books

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In a city filled with development controversies, the Queens West library scandal is probably not the most pressing matter. But hey, at least the issue appears to be headed toward a resolution. Planned for Parcel 8 along Center Boulevard?the Main Street of this waterfront chunk of Long Island City?the library was put on hold after the costs of cleaning up the site kept rising. This didn't sit well with residents, because developer Avalon Bay was allowed to build bigger in exchange for constructing the library. Now, according to the Queens West board, the Queens West Development Council has finally given the go-ahead to the library. The cost of the project is now hovering around $20 million, which seems like a lot, because, well, who the heck goes to libraries anymore? Still, with its Duane Reade, grocery story and now library all on the way, if Queens West isn't careful it could start resembling a real neighborhood soon!
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