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MLB Wants to Climb Inside Harlem's Box

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For months, we've wondered what companies Vornado was luring to Harlem Park, the mind-exploding new office building planned for 125th Street and Park Avenue. Since it would be the first Class A office tower built in Harlem in decades, we assumed Vornado was swinging for the fences. And how! Charles Bagli reports in the Times that at yesterday's Planning Commission hearing on the controversial 125th Street rezoning proposal, Vornado revealed that Major League Baseball will base its new cable network out of the building. Vornado is also negotiating with the Inner City Broadcasting Network radio conglomerate to take some of space. The rezone would limit building height to 290 feet on the north side of 125th Street, and Harlem Park is slated for 305 feet, including 40 additional feet for satellite equipment and antennas. Vornado would need a height variance for the 21-story building, or, if denied, they could pull the plug on the whole thing and deny the people of Harlem the big stack of boxes they so richly deserve. And that, friends, would be a tragic swing-and-a-miss.
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