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NYU Targeting Governors Island for Expansion

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NYU has promised to try and not ruin Greenwich Village any more than it already has as the school pursues a six-million-square-foot expansion over the next 25 years, so the brainiacs are looking far and wide for new land to pillage. How far and wide? The Real Deal reports that NYU wants to build a campus on Governors Island. This is not really a shocker, because talk of an academic institution coming to the abandoned isle has been circulating for years. But what about that crazy park full of butterflies and whimsy that we've been promised, the one seen above? Well, maybe Gov's Island can be shared?just like Greenwich Village! The university was approached on the matter by the Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation, and serious discussion began last May. A formal request for proposals will not be sent out until this summer at the earliest.
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