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CurbedWire: Avery Closings, Scarano Stalking, More!

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HELL'S KITCHEN?The Windermere at 57th Street and Ninth Avenue is the most-emailed-about building in Curbed history. Trapped in litigation for decades?with the latest update concerning the remaining seven tenants, 200+ violations and an owner stuck in a Japanese hospital?the landmark now has some scaffolding up, per the photo above sent by a tipster. DOB shows some permits for facade repair, among other things. Does this mean the owner recovered? [CurbedWire Inbox]

UPPER WEST SIDE?Extell's Avery on Riverside Boulevard had perhaps the most expensive launch party in history. Now it's time to make some of that skrilla back. Writes a buyer: "I was the first closing at the Avery, 100 Riverside Blvd. Regarding your story on first closings, my closing at the Avery was held on Dec. 27, 2007. The building obtained a TCO in mid-December 2007. People are starting to move into the building while work continues on the upper floors." Noted. [CurbedWire Inbox]

SCARANOVILLE?Can crap architects achieve celebrity status? Sure! "I saw robert scarano on the f train today! I got on at 4th ave and he was already on...he got off at york ave. I sat right next to him. He was blackberry'n and I looked! but it was mainly boring stuff, like what do we need to get this signed off etc. creepy! i told him his buildings sucked and he said, yeah...(not really)" If you see the Scarano, please refrain from looking him in the eye, lest he drop the S on you.