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Friday Reader Rant: About Those $100K Brooklyn Condos

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Back in September, we made mention of MeadowWood at Gateway, a former Mitchell-Lama complex of rental buildings in East New York called Fairfield Towers that is now Brooklyn's biggest condo conversion. At the time, commenters debated whether or not East New York was up-and-coming, average or downright horrid. Now, here we are in 2008, and this fell into our inbox with the subject line "Real New Yorkers." Ladies and gentlemen, your Friday reader rant:

I am not coming down on anyone?. except the non new Yorkers. I was doing a little research on the Meadowood Condos at Gateway in Brooklyn and I am just so pissed at the comments people left on this site. New York is so full of people who just come from other states like Texas or Washington and move to “safe neighborhoods” like Williamsburg or Forte Green. Just 7 years ago my mom and I were scared to walk in Clinton Hill to the C train. Now look at the prices. My grandparents, parents and myself are Brooklyn born and bred. If anyone knows East New York it would be someone like myself. East NY is a crappy area. But look at drug infested past Forte Green, Bed Stuy and Red Hook. These are all booming neighborhoods. Look at Union Square and Gramercy Park! If they were really from New York, they would be smart and buy. I recently inquired at the sales office of Meadowood and I spoke personally with one of the owners who told me that because units were going faster than expected they’ve come to the conclusion that maybe prices were too low. Look at Ryerson Towers Coops and Cadman Plaza; both mitchellama coops. Look at how the prices have soared over the pasted 5 years alone because of the neighborhood.Now that that's settled, will those who sold East New York short reconsider? People, $100,000 condos!
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