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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

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1) Fourth-Quarter Sales Reports: Holy Crap, Will This Ever End?(98 Comments)
"As a landlord, if I realize that people are not buying (for whatever reason) and choosing to rent, what am I going to do??? Raise your rents ruthessly. You will be getting less from your cash and stock investments, while paying more for your rental. I promise to only raise your rent 15% this year."
2) Streit's Has $25M+ Offer, Building Likely Coming Down (28 Comments)
"Although it's kind of a sad sign of the times, it's hard to see how a Matzoh factory added any character or amenity to the area. This isn't like the closure of the 2nd Ave Deli, which was a real blow to city residents."
3) Bonus Bouncing: The First Warning Shot of '08 (24 Comments)
"I'm repping the estate of a Merrill analyst who jumped off the Queensboro after he got word that his year-end bonus would be a fruit basket. 1 BR LES $800000 PRICED TO SELL!!!11!!!"
4) Curbed Roundtable: January State o' the Market (20 Comments)
"I'm also curious to see what will happen in LIC, Greenpoint and Dumbo. These areas built up so rapidly there are now hundreds and hundreds of high-priced housing units where there was literally nothing before. If most of these units have already sold (which I believe is true in Dumbo at least) the neighborhood is probably fine, but if not?"