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Web Showdown: Glacially Slow, Highly Anticipated NYC Hotels

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As HotelChatter points out, Andrew Balazs' Standard Hotels has relaunched its website, and on it is a little teaser page for the coming Standard on the High Line. Finally, some acknowledgment of the new kid! There's not much to share, but the preview page got us thinking. Which site does more to get us excited about its epically delayed?but undoubtedly fabulous?boutique hotel: The Standard or Thompson LES? If you need a refresher, here's the link to the Pomerancs' Allen Street pleasure palace of the future. Now, on to the tale of the tape!

The Standard: None whatsoever. In fact, the only known rendering has never been confirmed as fact.
Thompson LES: On full display, with a bonus interior rendering.
Edge: The Standard. Maybe the Thompson LES should be hidden. Besides, a little mystery adds to the intrigue.

The Standard: "Coming Soonish"
Thompson LES: "Spring 2008"
Edge: Thompson LES. Mystery adds intrigue, but we can't get excited until we know when we can actually stay in the damn thing. Bonus to the Thompson for choosing a deadline they will never, ever actually meet.

The Standard: None listed
Thompson LES: 24-hour concierge, fitness center, private pool, Sferra linens, robes by Frette, mini bars stocked by Dean & Deluca.
Edge: Thompson LES. We like to know what type of linens we're soiling.

The Standard: No mention, but there's a mailing list you can sign up for.
Thompson LES: "Coming soon"
Edge: The Standard. The mailing list is key, because the first few weeks will probably be the only time you'll actually be able to book a room there.

The Standard: None
Thompson LES: Smooth jazz with a little hop in its step. Occasional moaning.
Edge: Thompson LES. Andre, it's a hotel. We want our elevator music!

WINNER: Thompson LES. Looks like the Lower East Side still has something left in the tank! Read it an weep, MePa!
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