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On the Racked: Chaos in Soho, A.P.C. Surplus Preps in Billyburg, Trader Joe's Rage, Mo' Banks!!

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And now, the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

[Signage comes down at Barnes & Noble Astor Place. Photo via Promediacorp]

1) Soho: Goodness, looks like it was a rough New Year's Eve (right) for beauty/product shop Korres, a recent addition to the retail scene on Wooster Street. Those wacky, wacky tourists.

2) Williamsburg: We're only about two weeks out on A.P.C. going where Apple fears to treat, as the fashion retailer preps its A.P.C. Surplus outlet. Per a Racked commenter, "This is so great. Grand Street continues to amaze." Click through for a look.

3) Union Square: For one aggrieved blogger, the Trader Joe's love affair is over: "Last night, I walked in, and four of the first five items on my shopping list weren’t on the shelves. You know what one of those items was? WHITE BREAD! In fact, you didn’t have any bread in the bread aisle. Except Raisin Bread. And that just goes great with turkey. Oh, wait. You didn’t have any turkey, either!"

4) Here and There: Bankfronting! Check out these sleek new branches for your money-retrieval convenience in the East Village, Park Slope, and Cobble Hill.