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Park Slope Stroller Moms: On Second Thought, They Suck

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It's been a while since we've seen a good rant about the "Park Slope stroller mafia." This one comes from a Windsor Terrace blogger who says she lives in a house that's "kind of junky" and "couldn't even become a made mom in the PSSM if I wanted to," although she says she once disliked the mommy hating. We go to the copy & paste:

I saw a mom with a stroller crossing the street yesterday in South Slope. I instantly felt dislike for her. I suspected her arms had fused with the stroller handles. She looked unhappy and yet very entitled...Is it the entitlement and uptightness of some PS mommies that people resent so much? Is that it? Is it that they act like the consummate grown ups when in fact it is a misfortune when people enter that head of arrogance in which they think they actually know better than other people, than their children, what's good and bad, and earnestly carry out those judgments.Ah, Park Slope moms and those who hate them. It's what makes the world go 'round, no?
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