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Funky Friday Listing: 13 Commerce Street Townhouse

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Here's one way to try to make money in the current Manhattan real estate market: buy a townhouse on a nice West Village Street (Commerce, just west of Seventh Avenue South) for $4.1 million in the spring; spend the summer and fall fixing its 2,800 square feet up all pretty with a renovation by designer Steven Riddle that the broker babble claims cost $1.4 million (nearly as much as the house traded for back in 2002); return said townhouse to market last week with a $5.25 million asking price. Nitty gritty: three bedrooms, two baths, three fireplaces and, for outdoor space, a backyard and roof deck. Plus, this special bonus! A plaque out front that reads, "On this site in 1897 Nothing Happened." Your thoughts on the decor, and the price?

· Listing: 13 Commerce Street [Core Group]