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Friday Decay: Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital, More!

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[Top photos courtesy RIHS via Gothamist; bottom courtesy AbnF]

Things fall apart, and so we bring you this special dose of Friday morning decay. First up, the long-abandoned Smallpox Hospital—the rapturous relic on the southern end of Roosevelt Island—had one of its walls collapse last week, the Roosevelt Island Historical Society tells Gothamist. Seems the powers that be that run the island haven't kept up with maintenance on this landmark—hence the bonus decay.

Meantime, a little further south, the intriguing blog Abandoned But Not Forgotten has gathered photos of decaying buildings and sites across New York State. Among the more dramatic photos are these of the Staten Island Monastery, which has been decaying since its abandonment in 1969. Fresh wall collapse TK!
· Roosevelt Island Smallpox Wing Collapses [Gothamist]
· Staten Island Monastery R.I.P. [AbnF via Archinect]