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Jack's 99 Cents Seals a Tumorous Deal in Herald Square

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There's something extra hidden in the new Herald Square development at 885 Sixth Avenue which we reported on a few weeks back. The Jack in Jack's 99 Cent Store, an everything's-a-bargain emporium just west of the site, has cut an easement agreement with 885 Sixth's developer. That means that, before too long, yet another tumorous tower will rise high on the midtown skyline.

The blue line shows the easement where the new tower will rise above Jack's World.

A NYC Department of Finance document shows a savvy bit of trading, which grants this new tower an 8 foot easement. The result of that deal is some extra height and extra bulk for Jack's new neighbor. This will allow those neighboring 47-stories to cantilever high over Jack's World. All the better to block the views over at the Epic, that pushy new tower just to the west of Jack. And even better for penny-saving Jack himself, and all those who love his bargains.

Department of Finance documents (above and below) outline Jack's cantilever deal.

Where the new tower will rise above Sixth Avenue, with the Epic behind.

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