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CurbedWire: Discovered Burg Pool, Swirling Property Shark & Shvo Rumors

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WILLIAMSBURG—Sometimes when old buildings are demolished, they momentarily reveal very interesting things. A tipster emails: "Did you know there used to be a pool on Marcy between South 1st and South 2nd? An old building has been knocked down and a foundation is being dug out and it has revealed an old pool and on one wall i could read ...feet deep!" We wandered over for a look and there certainly is. [CurbedWire Inbox]

HERE & THERE—A couple of rumors to report as the inbox is starting to rumble about disharmony Property Shark. Per a special correspondent, "Property Shark partners Matthew Haines and Ryan Slack have had an acrimonious behind-the-scenes split, disposition of the company unclear." Another email reports: "There is a major catfight at PShark amongst the two partners that is coming to 'blows." The two partners are splitting up and it is getting ugly. I personally suspect there will be a lawsuit shortly where all the nasty details will be public." Also on Shvo hiring front, our correspondent says, "Tali Geva, who followed Michael Shvo from Elliman to Shvo's own firm, has left Shvo for parts unknown." [CurbedWire Staff & Inbox]