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Inside North8: Upstairs is Done, But Downstairs, Not So Much

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The buyers at the Burg's North8 Condo on Kent Avenue that started their own blog are back at it, posting some pics of the Toll Brothers building that show it in what some might call, at state that shows nobody is moving in tomorrow. The blogger writes:

So it may be true that many of the units on the 3rd through 5th floors are approaching completion. However, at a glance the lobby appeared to be notsodone, and a walk around the building gives one the impression that any first floor units are waiting on much more than just the TCO.The post drew one comment saying that "I promise that the second to fifth look like they could move in tomorrow... the sixth has cabinets and flooring all down." More to come--either good news or bad--as the Toll Brothers North8 Move-in Saga of 2008 continues.
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