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LIC Development Boom Totally Ruining Weekend Parking

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Are the weekends usually a "chill time" in Long Island City? They were, according to blogger liQcity, who argues that condo-hungry sales office visitors are messing with the mojo of Hunters Point once the whistle blows on Friday afternoon. 'Qcity writes:

This weekend the hood was PACKED with people filing into the sales offices for the Foundry LIC, Powerhouse, 5SL? everything! Usually on nights and weekends, one can park with ease - FORGET about trying to park in LIC during business hours. All spots are usually taken by 6am. It’s worse than the Upper West Side. On nights and weekends, the commercial people aren’t around so much, so it’s much easier. But this Sunday, I thought twice about taking my car out for a spin after eyeing several Long Island-y types driving around stalker style."Long Island-y types" ostracized for visiting Long Island City? C'mon, cut 'em some slack. But while we knew Bubblemania was back in Queens, we didn't know it would get so crazy that buyers would eventually be forced to carpool.
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