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Ask Curbed: Where Can Artists Do Artsy Things?

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Last week, amNY made some noise with a fairly obvious story about artists being chased out of the city because of high rents. Sad, but true. But luckily for the creative spirit, there are still folks out there willing to give this cold, dead metropolis a shot. For example:

My wife is, for lack of a better term, an artist. Meaning she needs a studio where she can bang nails into the wall at all hours, spatter paint on the floor, blast music, etc. We lived in a one-bedroom in Astoria for 5 years, and she had a small studio in Long Island City. At night it took over an hour to get there. The studio was a block away from the Queensboro bridge, and the bus to Riker's Island would drop convicts off practically at her doorstep. (It was about two blocks away from Arris!) She's off getting her MFA now, but when we return to the city next year we'd like to rent a real live-work space. Our budget would be tight, $2000 a month at the most, does any one know where we should be looking? We're thinking Mott Haven, Bushwick and Red Hook. Any other ideas?It's a little broad for Ask Curbed territory, but we also need to find a place where we can bang nails into walls all night, for ... personal reasons. So, what say you? Any useful tips in the comments, please.
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