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Attack of the Williamsburg Stoplights: New Ones Everywhere

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Yes, they are just stoplights being installed, but since they're at intersections in Williamsburg, they're very symbolic ones. Once upon a time, there were only a few of stop lights on Bedford Avenue and surrounding streets. A car could go from N. 7th Street all the way to Lorimer in Greenpoint without ever hitting anything but some stop signs and, perhaps, a few other automobiles or pedestrians that got in the way. No longer. The installation of multiple stoplights, which started with some digging at N. 6 Street noted by local blogger INSIJS in mid-December, is almost complete. We counted ones at Bedford and N. 6, Bedford and N. 12, Driggs and N. 6 and Driggs and N. 5. And, those are just the ones we happened upon. Yes, it's a Brave New Williamsburg.
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