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Is Gild Hall Certified Open?

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Last week, a shocking email turned up in the inbox. It read, "It's open, with a plaque outside." The topic was Gild Hall, the new Thompson boutique hotel planned for an old Holiday Inn at 15 Gold Street in the Financial District. In light of the monumental delays at Jason Pomeranc's Six Columbus and Thompson LES, we didn't really take the intel seriously, but lo, HotelChatter checks in with the Thompson newbie, and indeed it is open. Sorta. They point to this Yelp review:

**This hotel is currently under MAJOR construction.** If you were like us and can literally sleep through jackhammers, then stay here. They DO jackhammer at 9am, but are done around 4-5pm. So if you are in the Financial District and will be out of the room early and out late, THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO STAY. Because of the renovation, there is no lobby, no restaurant, no room service, no gym, no bar, no gift shop, no business center, no periodical and CD lending libraries, on-demand movies, no video games and no coffee makers.

Despite all this, I would totally stay here again.

We can see why! So, the big question: since the hotel is lacking some hotel necessities (um, no lobby?), does this stripped-down version of Gild Hall technically count as an "open" Gild Hall. Remember, there's a contest riding on this. Fear not, Curbed lawyers are currently looking into the matter.
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