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Big Mack's Burden Affecting Hot New Developments

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Developer Harry Macklowe?he of the GM Building and $60M Plaza apartment fame?owes a lot of money to a lot of people. So much money, in fact, that over the weekend the Times filed a gigantoid story that broke down Macklowe's debts. He'll come back strong (he has a habit of doing that), but the story contained some very intriguing updates on two Macklowe hot properties: the new office building at 510 Madison Avenue (complete with swimming pool!) and the controversial demolition of the Drake Hotel on Park Avenue, and its redevelopment as a "short, fat box" complete with New York City's first Nordstrom's. Good lord, talk about craziness.

1) The Drake: The Macklowes (Harry and son) are in default on a $510 million loan connected with the site. They are looking for equity partners, and negotiations have been ongoing with Stephen Ross at Related about either a purchase of the Drake site or a partnership. Nordstrom's signed a non-binding agreement, so they may high-tail it to some other location while all this gets sorted out.

2) 510 Madison Avenue: The Macklowes are trying to obtain a new construction loan for the 30-story office building, which simply must happen. Who cares if it's a sound investment or not? Hedge funds! Secretaries! Swimming pool! Coke-fueled debauchery! Uh, strong Wi-Fi signals to steal!
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510 Madison Avenue

510 Madison Avenue, New York, NY