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Pipedream Plan for Moving the Gowanus Expressway?

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There's no way we could pass up the opportunity to draw attention to the rendering above, which is a vision of Brooklyn without the Gowanus Expressway. Fans of big urban mega-plans might recall the previous concept, which was burying the Gowanus for $12.5 billion. This version, from the American Institute of Architects that was taken for a spin in the Daily News yesterday, suggests a Calatrava-looking suspended highway closer to the water and a four-mile-long greenway where the current monstrosity stands. The good news is that it avoids the Big Dig issues and costs, but what are the odds of getting a 3.5 mile suspended waterfront highway approved and funded, no matter how cool it and the greenway look?
· Make Gowanus go away Architects say ax the highway, build a greenway [NYDN]