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$5M Gets a Piece of Tribeca Twins, Soap Included

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Some changes afoot down on Washington Street in Tribeca, where twin condo developments are rising between Vestry and Laight Streets. At 414 Washington, the smaller of the two look-a-likes has now been officially christened the Pearline Soap Factory after, yes, a soap factory that covered this site back in the 1800s. The developers have launched a website, declaring "9 exclusive residences in the 5 millions", where the use of lower case lettering somehow makes that hefty price tag seem like something a little bit less. One thing is pretty clear. Somebody is going to clean up on this one.

Another change: Word on the street is that someone who used to garner great respect is now pretty much washed up. And Karl Fischer Architect has taken over from Joseph Pell Lombardi, as shown in DOB documents wherein the owner has respectfully requested that Fischer "SUPPERCEDE THE APPLICNT", thereby dumping the original architect on this project. Further changes indicate that, where the plan once offered 15 units, the building is now being carved up into 9 larger units, measuring about 3,000 sf each. Hence the "5 millions" starting price. As of yet the Pearline website isn't showing floorplan porn or any delicious details. Just some jazzy tunes and one of those annoying end-pages, with the ubiquitous order for readers to "Submit."

An old ad for selling the soap which was once made on this site.

The new building has contextual arched windows and barrel vaulted ceilings.

How times have changed: From 5 cent soap to a home for a mere 5 million.
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Pearline Soap Factory

414 Washington Street, New York, NY