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Rumblings & Bumblings: Lighting Up the Link, More

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If it's Tuesday, it's Rumblings & Bumblings time. If you've got an answer to one of the reader queries below, leave a note in the comments. If you've got another question, drop a line to Bonus points for digital photos. Answers from readers like you on Thursday.

1) Hell's Kitchen: "I live in Hell's Kitchen on W. 54th Street and The Link on W. 52nd Street @ 8th Ave was recently completed. If you go to and click on the Exterior link, it shows that top is supposed to be a glowing light. However, while under construction, there were two huge spotlights shining down instead. It was somewhat tolerable, given there are many lights in the area, like World Wide Plaza (however, they turn their exterior lights off after midnight). Then about August, the lights went away, gone, it was heaven. Then in Oct/Nov, 4, not 2, spotlights appeared again. The light is so bright I have to put my shade down at night. My question / tip is, according to the website, the top appears to be a more glowing cube, not a spotlight cube. Are they putting some film over the glass, or did they use the wrong glass, and that's why they have the spotlight feel. Did they abandon the glow b/c the penthouse would be annoyed? Is it temporary? Seems like massive light pollution and a waste of energy." Good lord, we haven't had this much bulb controversy since Dumbo turned it down a notch.

2) Gramercy: "Does anyone know whats going on on the SE corner of 23rd street & 2nd Ave? The synagogue and neighboring buildings are wrapped in scaffolding and there is an active construction gate with some demolition, but no sign as to what the future holds." The site was recently sold. Renderings/plans?

3) Harlem: "For the past 7 yrs i've lived in lower harlem, there's been a huge empty lot at the southeast corner of E 110th (CPN) and 5th Ave. but a couple of weeks ago the blue fencing has gone up and digging has begun. any ideas? Ii'm curious to see what will compare to the schomburg towers right across the street. Which look like they belong in some desolate concrete field in eastern europe..."
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