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Big Disappointment: Coney Meeting Actually About Information

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That Coney Island meeting last night that threatened to degenerate into a free-for-all between bused-in paid protesters and costumed "Save Coney Island" people. There was apparently (relatively) good behavior on all sides. In the words of Kinetic Carnival, which offers a long summary of actual substantive details, it "was not the colorful political circus whirling with Coney flavor and character that was predicted." There was a drunk, however, who disrupted things and the State Sen. that has led the charge against the big city plan that would dislodge developer Joe Sitt from the amusement district kept referring to Coney Island as "Brighton Beach." There was actual discussion of zoning areas, densities, land acquisition, job creation and the like. The head of the Brookyn planning office said, "We want to keep it vibrant, affordable, and as an urban amusement area. This is not your suburban Disney park. And we want to keep it that way." There are more sessions today, so chaos is still possible, but last night's meeting was the headline event.
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