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Name Game: RFK Bridge? Pataki Park?

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According to the Sun, Gov. Eliot Spitzer is in the mood to big-up some of his homies and heroes. It may not come in his State of the State address today, but Spitzer is soon expected to revive a campaign to rename the Triborough Bridge after Robert F. Kennedy, as well as announce his proposal to name Hudson River Park for George Pataki. It's the Pataki Park plan?covering the five-mile stretch of inconsiderate roller-bladers that climbs up the West Side?that is drawing the most feedback, as the Sun carries both an op-ed that says Spitzer's ideas is a sign of his "growing up," and an opinion piece penned by former parks commissioner Henry Stern that bluntly states, "When a park is named for someone, that person should be dead, preferably for five years." That would seriously put a crimp in our drive to call it the Andre Balazs High Line of Death.
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