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Weird Burg Building in the Homestretch: It's the Decora

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We've been watching this scary unique building 165 N. 10 Street in the Burg unfold ever since we laid eyes on the rendering. Progress has been slow, but things are clearly moving along. The building comes from the drawing boards of Gene Kaufman Architect, and an updated rendering posted just before the New Year shows that the thing on top will be gold (although we're still hoping it's one of those rendering vs. reality things) and that it will only have rectangular side windows. The website says it will be clad in "round, metallic luminescent glass tiles," but we'll have to wait for the floor plans to see how the egg-shaped rooms work out. In the meantime, the building is now being identified as The Decora, which immediately made us want to nickname it The Horrora.
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