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No Longer Oozing, Roebling Oil Field's Warehouse 11 on Sale

We have noted many phases in the transition of the Roebling Oil Field from nasty, oily mess to Roebling Oil Building to Warehouse 11. Now, the full W-11 website is up and our formerly oily little friend has cleaned up its act and is ready for the big marketing push, which includes several dozen postings on Craigslist calling it "this winter's most anticipated new development." There's a preview party coming up, and the website has so many renderings and Williamsburgish sales copy about how cool W-11 will be that it's almost enough to make you forget the Exxon jokes and put the WD-40 wisecracks on the auto repair shop shelf for good. The opening party is January 31 and we hear they'll be giving away free quarts of motor oil promotional material.
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