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It's P.C. Richard Day at Harlem's Kalahari!

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Harlem's tribal-inspired Kalahari is considered by some to be one of the ugliest new buildings in New York, and just to rub it in, this baby is being birthed slowly and painfully. A Harlem observer passes along a long-overdue update:

The back tower seems to be behind the front. There are still areas where they haven't put up the drywall. They took down the exterior construction elevators and they are sealing up the areas where they stood. The front will be all glass and the back will be brick facade. They are about 1 unit up on the facade on the back and the metal framing for the glass is up on the front (see picture).

PC Richards is delivering appliances for the front tower! They seem to be still working on the roof. The front lobby is framed out with metal studs, but no drywall. I assume they want to glass it in before they put it up.

So, for the experts. When is this going to open? When are they estimating for a TCO? Any tips on the sales of this?We'll get to that, but first we must do a rain dance and consult the gods.
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