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Race to Stop Karl Fischer Grand St. Towers in Burg Starts

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There's enough sentiment in Williamsburg to downzone part of Grand Street and surrounding blocks before a couple of new 10 and 15 story buildings can get going that the local community board did back flips last night to vote on the city's downzoning proposal. Instead of postponing a vote until next month, a Community Board 1 committee held a meeting during the bigger board meeting to approve the downzoning. The vote by the full board for the plan was 23-2 in favor. Why the rush? Developers of the two Karl Fischer buildings at Driggs and Grand could still get them built if work is far enough along before the downzoning takes effect. "We trying to fast track it," one neighbor pushing for fast action says. "Every day that we wait gives these guys time to go." Residents are looking for a hearing at Borough Hall next week, but are afraid of slow going at City Planning. In the meantime, demolition is going on at one of the sites and a parcel across the street has been mysteriously cleaned up in the last week. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
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