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Brooklyn Jail with Retail & Condos Dream May Be Dead

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The bizarre plan to expand the Brooklyn House of Detention at Atlantic Avenue and Smith Street while adding retail and luxury condos may be on its way to the Graveyard of Not-So-Brilliant Ideas. The Observer reports the shocking news that even Brooklyn developers are not too hot on building condos on top of a jail. (Across the street is another matter.) The city says it "did not receive any satisfactory responses to its request for preliminary bids" to double the size of the jail and add condos, offices and retail. A Dept. of Corrections spokesperson said the Big House bids didn't live up to the city's hopes and dreams. The city still wants to expand and reopen the jail, which has several luxe condo neighbors, but the dream could be dead if they're going to have to build a jail that look like, well, a jail.
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