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CurbedWire: Still More Street Furniture to Hold Off the Floods, Humongous High Line Waiting List

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TRIBECA?The MTA has rolled out the second of three prototypes of "multi-purpose street furniture" to prevent flooding "while ventilating the subway system." We assume that means that the slight elevation will keep water out. This street furniture is in front of 151 West Broadway between Worth and Thomas streets and has benches and bike racks. The same design will go in 15 spots on West Broadway between Chambers and Leonard Streets and on Varick Street between Leonard and Franklin. Per a release from the MTA: "The street furniture for Lower Manhattan, designed by Grimshaw Billings Jackson with Systra/HNTB, is on view to be tested by cyclists, pedestrians and the local community before the additional units are installed." Units in Queens, the look they'd really hold off the rising water, have been designed by Rogers Marvel Architects with di Domenico + Partners. [CurbedWire Inbox]

MePa?How many people want to get up on the High Line for a preview during Open House New York? A, um, crapload. A tipster who was wait listed forwards the news from Friends of the High Line that "Unfortunately, due to overwhelming interest, we are unable to accommodate you on this year's tours of the High Line through openhousenewyork. We had over 5,000 people enter the lottery for 700 tour spots." Woah. [CurbedWire Inbox]