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How They Do Hot Models on the Wild Wild West Side

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[Photos: Will Femia]

Earlier today we had a look at the amenities galore at Element, a new condo tower on West (way West) 59th Street. The gang over at Element also showed us the two model units?a northwest-facing apartment way up in the tower and one of the duplex "townhouse" apartments on the third and fourth floors?and because we love looking at hot model-on-model action, we thought we'd share what's going on behind closed doors at 555 West 59th Street. The first, a 3BR, 3BA, 1,790-square-foot apartmet with views all the way up to the Ariels (and good lord do those things stick out), will run you about $2.97M. The 2,222-square-foot townhouse, with 3BRs, 3.5BAs and a 562sqft outdoor space, is $3.82 million, Steinway not included.
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