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Element's Amenity Overdrive Will Squash You

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[Photos: Will Femia]

Recently we headed west of Columbus Circle to the vertical suburbia sprouting around West End Avenue and the Hudson River. Specifically, we were there to check out Element, an SLCE-designed 35-floor condo building that's a few steps away from Extell's expanding Riverside South collection of buildings, but is the product of other developers. Buyers have been living in the 186-unit building at 555 West 59th Street since the beginning of the year, but Element's amenities spaces were only recently completed (and there are some units still available). This part of town is one big construction site, and each tower acts as its own self-contained resort. So it's only natural that on this, the one-year anniversary of the birth of the term "amenity overdrive," we head into a building with?among other things?two swimming pools, a hot tub, basketball and squash courts, a TV/billiards lounge, gym, yoga studio, massage/treatment room, an indoor playroom with adjoining outdoor playground and a 12,000sqft outdoor space with grassy patches for sunbathing. It's a lot to handle, so check out the tour of the building's communal spaces in the gallery above.
· Element [Official Site]