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CurbedWire: Someone Still Has Faith in the Bushwick Market

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BUSHWICK?Take this as a sign that hope is alive, in a real estate market that shows all the signs of getting a little soft around the edges. Yet, this is 320 Knickerbocker Avenue, aka the Knickerbocker Condominiums, which is a 49-unit condo that's described as being "in the up-and-coming Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. The development will transform some of the neighborhood’s finest historic housing stock into modern, loft-like apartments while adding a new top floor containing dramatic penthouse units." Almost half the units will h ave outdoor space and there will be "high quality finishes as well as great amenities including a gym, a virtual doorman, public roof terraces, storage lockers, a cold storage room, and a bike room, at prices generally unavailable in Brooklyn." Also, they'll be "well designed and tastefully finished apartments with modern features in an envelope with historical appeal and sensitivity to the environment." No prob. They'll be LEED certified and near Maria Hernandez Park and if they actually happen, the Treasure Dept. could indirectly have a stake in them. [CurbedWire Inbox]