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Burg's 44 Berry Gets the Friedrich Treatment Big Time

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Followers of development on the hot strip of Berry Street in Williamsburg around N. 10 and N. 11 Street might recall the reveal of 44 Berry. That's an old industrial building that isn't being demolished, but is being rehabbed and will return as rental loft units. Once upon a time it was a seltzer building. The issue is that big holes are being hacked into the building (which were never in the renderings) for AC units. The tipster who pointed this out noted:

At the corner of N 11th and Berry in Williamsburg, a beautiful old warehouse is being turned into luxury rental apts. What is astonishing is what they are doing to the façade of this brick building. They are cutting into the spaces below each of the old windows for the purpose of installing those fugly wall-through air conditioners that we usually see in cheap new construction, the "Fedders' specials"...A real shame to ruin what was such a promising renovation!
Actually, they're Friedrich! Whee. What a freaking relief. The building will ultimately have 42 rental units and eight retail spaces at street level. We are now confident it will make a superb Rendering vs. Reality candidate.
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