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CurbedWire: Glassification of NYC Resumes, East New York Sales Success, Zelda's Return

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COLUMBUS CIRCLE?It's a little blurry, but our tipster swears this picture shows the first glass panels installed at 1775 Broadway, the former Newsweek headquarters that was renamed 3 Columbus Circle as part of a fairly shocking glassy makeover. Writes Mr. Tip: "Looks like they're keeping the brick behind. Not much of an improvement if you wanted bigger windows/better views. Lipstick on a pig?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

EAST NEW YORK?For those wondering about the curious case of MeadowWood at Gateway?the conversion of the former Mitchell-Lama housing complex once known as Fairfield Towers into condos priced from $100,000?an update from Fillmore, the sales agent. There have been over 100 sales, 120 apartments are in contract and there's a waiting lost of 40 qualified buyers. "There simply isn’t enough middle-income housing in New York,” Fillmore's director of sales notes in the press release. Most of the units have been purchased by Brooklyn residents with an average income of $63,000. Congrats to the next Harlem. [CurbedWire Inbox]

BATTERY PARK?Our favorite Downtown-residing turkey is still strutting around like it owns the freakin' place. A brief e-mail from a reader: "FYI I saw Zelda yesterday at the Battery!" November approaches. Run, Zelda, run! [CurbedWire Inbox]